Employee Engagement App

Importance of Employee Engagement

Customer experience has always been at the forefront of business, but in recent years employee experience has pushed its way into the limelight. A huge part of an effective employee experience is employee engagement, which is a key factor in keeping employees and customers happy as well as businesses thriving.

Employee engagement helps to build invested frontline staff who are passionate and confident in their roles and the brands they work for. However, with 67% of employees worldwide not engaged at work, companies are not reaping the benefits from workplace engagement, but instead are facing tremendous costs with an increase in turnover rates and decreased revenue.

With 2018 being coined the year of the employee experience, and stats showing that companies with engaged employees outperform others by as much as 202%, it’s time for businesses to understand and improve their frontline staff engagement.

State of the Global Workplace Gallup Report 2017

How to Build Employee Engagement

Earlier this year, the retail and consumer product industry had the second highest turnover rate worldwide, yet were still among the largest occupational groups in North America, with more than 27 million frontline staff across the continent. Key occupations within the retail and consumer product industry showed the highest turnover rates, which puts a strain on businesses within these industries. The following shows the occupations and their turnover rates:

Retail Salesperson 19.3%
Food Service Professional 17.6%
Hospitality Professional 17.0%

These are fundamental roles in the retail and consumer product industry, but with 31% of disengaged employees looking for new jobs, it’s important to build and retain effective employee engagement programs to help motivate frontline staff. To do this, there are three key areas that help to build frontline staff engagement:

Hire the right team: Taking the time to find a good fit will help in creating and maintaining a culture that is passionate and committed to your brand, resulting in job satisfaction and lower turnover rates
Implement an employee engagement app: An employee engagement app helps organizations to encourage team engagement through two-way collaboration across teams. Employee engagement apps also help to break down barriers as well as engage, educate and reward frontline staff.
Provide associates with the tools to succeed: Using employee engagement tools, you’ll be able to inform, educate and engage your teams during every shift. Well-informed, knowledgeable frontline staff are more confident, which helps to create excellent employee and customer experiences.

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Improving Engagement in the Workplace

Once you’ve established an associate engagement program, it’s important to nurture the program. Consider the following to improve and manage employee engagement programs:
Establish a clear team vision: Empower employees to contribute to the bigger picture. Gather feedback and ideas that create a clear team vision and brand advocates.
Educate and reward: Help your staff succeed, by providing guidance, recognition and rewards. Helping your staff to succeed, not only motivates but also engages employees.
Build a culture of transparency: Share progress and results with employees to help everyone feel a part of the team and motivated to achieve business results.

Benefits of employee engagement

With a strong strategy and the right employee engagement tools that best suit your workplace culture, your organization will reap the benefits of frontline staff engagement. The top benefits that arise from being strategic and implementing the right platforms include:

Higher employee satisfaction
Lower turnover rates
Higher productivity
Increased profitability
Employee loyalty

These top benefits will leave you with happy, engaged frontline employees that are loyal to your brand and love the work that they do. In turn, these employees will create a great customer experience, resulting in increased profitability.

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