Samsung drives device sales in Walmart stores

How Samsung is using Nudge to tap into a new wave of brand advocates.

About Samsung

Samsung, a global consumer electronics manufacturer, is a recognized leader in technology and innovation. With a specialty in TVs, smartphones, wearables, and tablets, Samsung distributes their products through retail channels around the world. Working with retail partners such as Walmart, Best Buy and Costco to bring products to market, Samsung depends on a large group of frontline associates to interact with their customers and drive sales every day.


Motivating Retail Channel Partners to Drive Sales

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Samsung faced a challenge in educating channel partner employees on their smartphones, accessories, and promotions. They had field training professionals conducting seminars across locations, but had no way of reinforcing that training afterward. Beyond in-person sessions and emailing unit managers, Samsung lacked an effective channel for improving associate knowledge, gathering feedback, and enabling sales. Adding to the complexity, many of Samsung’s retail partners staff their stores with third-party sales associates. This meant Samsung was not only battling for share of mind, but also had almost zero access to their frontline associates.

Walmart, for example, staffs their Wireless booths with experts from OSL Retail Services. These associates are responsible for providing expertise on products and helping customers choose the right plans, across various providers and OEM brands. For Samsung, this meant it was difficult to motivate associates to act as brand advocates that drive an increase in device sales and affinity for the brand.


Accelerating Sales Training Through Mobile

Samsung and OSL saw an opportunity to provide continuous product and sales training to retail associates using mobile. By leveraging smartphones, which were already in the hands of associates, they believed they could improve training, knowledge, and employee confidence in selling products and accessories.

Samsung decided to launch the Nudge platform across all Walmart locations, giving them a direct channel to reach associates on their mobile devices. Leveraging a series of targeted communications focused on increasing product knowledge, Samsung was able to easily share product details, videos, and pictures. They focused on educating associates to become true product experts, giving them the tools and information they needed to be confident in new offerings. In addition to providing sales training, Samsung uses Nudge to collect feedback from the frontline. By inviting managers and associates to share their feedback through the app, Samsung has the chance to learn how customers were responding to offers, and which sales techniques are working best from top performing associates.


Increased Product Expertise and Sales

Since launching Nudge Rewards to accelerate training and enablement, Samsung has recognized a direct impact on devices and accessory sales. With Nudge, Samsung is able to empower OSL associates to become true experts and advocates, directly leading to improved sales. In one campaign focused on selling Samsung’s newest device, associates on the Nudge platform sold an average of four more devices per month than their peers. And, OSL associates feel more knowledgeable and connected to the Samsung brand. 84% of them said they believe the Nudge app helps them do their job better.

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How Nudge helped Samsung

Of Samsung’s top sales performers are active Nudge users
Of associates said they believe the Nudge app helps them do their job better
Of associates responded to Nudges within 12 hours of sending
+4 devices
On average, associates that were active users on Nudge sold four more devices per month than their peers.

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