Golf Town transforms associate engagement with mobile

How Golf Town uses employee-facing technology to keep frontline teams in the loop.

About Golf Town

Golf Town, Canada’s golf superstore, is a premium destination for purchasing apparel and equipment, testing new products, and getting tips for improving your game. Boasting stores of over 18,000 square feet, Golf Town offers a significant range of in-store offerings and heavily relies on their associates to provide expert service for their customers. Looking at the brand today, you would have never known the company had filed for bankruptcy back in 2016.


Bridging the gap between corporate and store employees

During a period of transition, Golf Town was acquired by the Canadian holding company, Fairfax Financial. This meant that Golf Town was able to keep its doors open in Canada, providing the opportunity to recreate its brand identity. But, with a new organizational structure and geographic focus, Golf Town realized their transformation needed to be a true team effort. With a goal of elevating the in-store experience, they knew that store managers and associates had to play a significant role in defining new brand values and culture.

As Golf Town began its journey to become ‘Canada’s Home of Golf’, they realized there was an immediate challenge. There was a significant gap between their corporate teams and frontline employees when it came to operations, communications, and visibility throughout the organizational hierarchy. Golf Town relied on store managers as the main point of communication for its 1,400+ employees, leveraging bi-weekly newsletters to send updates to their stores. They were lacking insight into how engaged or knowledgeable their teams were and needed to find a better way to connect with stores across the country.


Empowering frontline managers and associates to drive change

Golf Town’s executive team tasked their HR and Communications leaders with finding a better solution for communicating and engaging with their frontline teams. The objective was to improve communication, operations, and culture at their stores Canada-wide, building a stronger connection to the business for even their most remote locations in Moncton and Victoria.

To achieve these goals, Golf Town leveraged their associates’ mobile devices to drive engagement, educate their team, and reward managers and employees. In tandem with launching Wi-Fi across their stores, Golf Town invited all managers and associates to download Nudge, which provided a direct channel to reach everyone in the business. This allowed their corporate teams to provide training, share critical updates and gather real-time feedback and ideas from the field.


Improving communication and collaboration across the country

Golf Town has realized the importance of taking an employee-first approach to the in-store experience. As Madelaine Tricanico, Communications Manager, emphasized, they “want to make sure Golf Town is not just a great place to shop, but also a great place to work”. As for employees, they were eager to use Nudge as a day-to-day workplace tool. Within 5 days of launching, 78% of Golf Town’s frontline workforce joined the program.

With Nudge, Golf Town can now share operational, promotional, and cultural content directly to their store associates’ smartphones. Since launching the program, they’ve been successful in uniting a workforce that once operated as independent teams by encouraging sharing of proud moments, sales tactics, and success stories between stores. “Nudge has achieved positive traction for our associates Canada-wide, and we’re happy to see our teams engaging and sharing ideas. We want to be ahead of the curve, and Nudge helps us achieve that and be recognized as a retailer who’s looking at mobile device technology as a means for accomplishing more as a company,” – Susan Gilpin, Direct of HR, Golf Town

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How Nudge helped Golf Town

Adoption within 5 days of launching across their workforce.
Response rate within 12 hours of sending information.
Of Golf Town employees believe Nudge helps them do their job better.

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