Eurest boosts beverage sales by 6% with Nudge

How Compass Group uses mobile to unlock the potential of their hourly associates.

About Eurest

Eurest, a division of Compass Group, prepares food for over 1 million customers every day. As operators of cafeterias and catering services in corporate settings, they boast clients such as Bank of America, Boeing, and IBM. With the majority of their foodservice operations in marketplaces and cafés, Eurest has a goal of driving sales of select products with limited time offers (LTOs) by the frontline.


Motivating a dispersed workforce to sell

To reach their goal of increasing sales, Eurest needed to find a way to spark a culture of selling amongst their frontline managers and associates. First, they required a better way to reach their associates, who relied on word-of-mouth from unit managers and print materials to stay up-to-date on company initiatives. Michael Fiato, VP of Customer Experience at Eurest, was frustrated by their challenging communications cascade; “when you have 18,000 associates across 48 states, it’s a real challenge to communicate directly to the frontline.”

There was a clear disconnect: head office needed to better educate and inspire their associated to sell, but had no direct channel for reaching them. Their current process left associates feeling out of the loop, with limited exposure to Eurest’s vision, values and how to properly execute on in-market promotions.


Empowering frontline associates through mobile

Eurest saw an opportunity to use mobile technology to overcome their communication challenges. By leveraging employees’ personal devices as a workplace channel, Eurest felt they could connect with their frontline teams in a faster, more effective way. As Fiato explained, “Every associate wants to be successful in their role. It becomes a question of whether we’re providing them with the tools, vision, and direction for them to move forward.

Eurest partnered with Nudge Rewards to implement a program that would solve their communications disconnect, as well as boost sales performance on the frontline. Managers and associates downloaded the Nudge employee app, establishing a direct channel between headquarters and the frontline. With Nudge, Eurest then implemented employee-facing campaigns to train associates on new product offerings, provide suggested selling tips, and to source ideas. “Your best ideas always come from the field. But, our associates haven’t always had a way to communicate those ideas back to us. Nudge certainly provides them with an outlet,” stated Fiato.


Creating a culture of selling

Through Nudge, Eurest managers and associates learned about new promotions, took part in team challenges, shared their ideas, as well as earned recognition and rewards for achieving their goals.

In an initial campaign designed to increase beverage sales, units using Nudge saw a 6% lift in sales, versus a control group. In fact, user research revealed that 73% of associates believe the Nudge app helped them be more effective in driving sales.

Eurest is continuing to use Nudge to build a culture of selling on the frontline, and believe it is a game-changer for the future of employee and team performance.

Select KPI’s

How Nudge helped Eurest

Increase in cold beverage sales vs control group.
Of staff think the Nudge app helped them sell more effectively.
Of staff think Nudge is an effective tool to stay up-to-date at work.
Of staff responded to Nudges within 12 hours of it being sent.

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