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Nudge helps retail, foodservice, and hospitality brands empower their frontline employees by providing the right tools, knowledge, support to do great work. With our campaign builder, reporting dashboard, and app, you’ll have everything you need to transform employee engagement across your business.

Drive the right outcomes for your business

Improve frontline performance

Motivate employees to reach key business objectives by sparking challenges, sharing best practices, and rewarding team achievements.

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The fact is, 86% of our top sales associates are active users on Nudge. Having a direct channel for reaching associates, educating them on Samsung products, and collecting their valuable ideas has been a game changer.

Ensure consistent execution

Increase employee knowledge and confidence, while gaining insight into day-to-day tasks and progress towards goals.

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Every employee wants to be successful in their tasks. With Nudge, we can improve the associate experience by providing them with the tools, direction, and vision to move forward.

Increase employee engagement

Keep frontline employees connected by establishing a feedback loop, sharing interactive content, and providing rewards and recognition.

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Using Nudge gives us the advantage of having highly engaged employees, that in turn drive a consistent customer experience and are inspired to come into work every day.

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